Meditation Music Meets Rhythmic Psychedelia

A Healing Music Project


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And They Built Churches is the newest music project of   Labros Filippou.
It came as a need for Labros to create melodies without lyrics, songs without verse or chorus parts, to tell stories with no beginning or an end. A hyperrealistic existential journey. A build up of looping voices where everyone is invited into a conscious tuning of our senses and the Universe.


The inspiration and the basis of this project was the album “Erinyes”, that Labros completed early 2018.

Hymns and melodies and images and moments made with voices only. No instruments were performed in these creations, but lots of frequencies and prayers and facts and stills and feelings and songs for the purification of the soul, for the healing of the body, for the arousal of the spirit.

On stage, it comes by the name “And They Built Churches”. And They Built Churches is the continuation and the expansion of Erinyes album.

Labros invites on stage different musicians every time, to create an experience that balances between chaos and harmony, an axis that draws an infinite line from the center of earth to the center of the universe.

Looping countertenor operatic voices meet rhythmic psychedelia, drones, electricity and electronic arts.

Live video by Zinon Kalfas | 10.16.18 | Athens, GR
Project created and produced by Labros Filippou. 
Artwork by Snowhite.
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