A healing music experience | born in L.A. / debuted in Athens, GR / based in NYC

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‘manna’ is being hosted in Athens Digital Arts Festival
Watch our 30min performance here
ATBC + Georgios Cherouvim


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for the purification of the soul, for the healing of the body, for the arousal of the spirit"

The healing power of the voice through its therapeutic frequencies.

A build-up of looping vocals. A hyperrealistic existential journey and a calling for a conscious tuning of our senses into the harmony of the Universe. 

Created here – now.
No samples are used when Live.

Looping countertenor operatic vocals, animal voices, Byzantine hymns and Shamanic voice drones meet
rhythmic psychedelia, electricity and electronic arts.

an avant-garde sound-bath to oneness

 Created and produced by (©) And They Built Churches. 

Artwork by Snowhite.
Booking / Contact:  AndTheyBuiltChurches@gmail.com

(concert / film score / sound bath sessions)